Eliminate bacteria and plaque from dental appliances

Aligners, retainers, mouth guards, and dentures can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and plaque if they aren't properly cleaned. 

Zima Dental’s game-changing Dental Pod uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves to eradicate grime and bacteria. The short yet comprehensive cleaning cycle is non-abrasive and thoroughly cleans dental appliances like Invisalign®, even in crevices and cracks! 

What’s more, Zima Dental’s sterilising tablets dissolve in water to create a solution that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, while leaving your appliance tasting minty fresh.

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Remarkable Before & After Transformations

Our patients have been sharing their success stories! See visible changes, explore new possibilities, and embark on your own path to a confident smile and more radiant skin.

Featured Products

“After years of creating beautiful smiles, treating skin concerns, and providing facial aesthetic treatments, we recognise how difficult it can be for patients to know exactly which products will work for them. 

To help you navigate this mindfield, we’ve curated a list of medical-grade products that actually work – the very same products we recommend to our patients on a daily basis!”

– Dr Juneja, Face Teeth Smile Founder

Need help selecting skincare products?

Try our free AI skin analyser! Upload a photo of your face and answer a few quick questions; our AI skin analyser will determine your skin type and diagnose any skin concerns using a 16-point detection technique. Our doctors will certify the results and send you a comprehensive skin report within 24 hours, alongside a list of product recommendations that are tailored to your needs.

For a more in-depth analysis, book a video consultation with one of our award-winning clinicians. During the session they’ll offer expert advice on maintaining overall skin wellness and provide you with personalised product recommendations to address your concerns. Our video consultation service is priced at £100. If you decide to buy any of the recommended products, the £100 will be subtracted from the total cost of the products you buy.