Dazzle with a smile up to 7 shades whiter

Teeth whitening experts Beaming White choose ingredients that are gentle, safe and, most importantly, yield remarkable results.

Their key whitening ingredient, Sodium Percarbonate, is an eco-friendly chemical that decomposes into oxygen, water and soda when it comes into contact with saliva. This ensures a highly effective, sensitivity-free teeth whitening experience! 

Every Beaming White product is clinically proven to deliver dramatic results. In fact, testers reported an average bleaching efficacy of 3.6 shades whiter, with some testers reporting a change up to 7 shades whiter after just one treatment!

vegan cruelty-free
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Remarkable Before & After Transformations

Our patients have been sharing their success stories! See visible changes, explore new possibilities, and embark on your own path to a confident smile and more radiant skin.

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“After years of creating beautiful smiles, treating skin concerns, and providing facial aesthetic treatments, we recognise how difficult it can be for patients to know exactly which products will work for them. 

To help you navigate this mindfield, we’ve curated a list of medical-grade products that actually work – the very same products we recommend to our patients on a daily basis!”

– Dr Juneja, Face Teeth Smile Founder

Face Teeth Smile is a cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics clinic in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Our awarding-winning clinic and expert team of doctors are redefining dentistry and facial aesthetic services. Through clinical excellence, advanced techniques, and luxurious personalised care, we consistently provide exceptional experiences and life-changing results.

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